What People Are saying

CeCe has provided me with very specific, helpful guidance in all the major areas of life; in my opinion she is one of the best  intuitives that I’ve come across in a very long time (and I once  trained intuitives so I can confirm that her level of professionalism and kind heart combined with her accuracy is a real gift for anyone). If you need guidance now, call CeCe, you will be so glad you did!

Karen McGregor, Vancouver, Canada
Creator of the Speaker Success Formula
Best Selling Author and International Speaker

For those looking to connect with a coach or channel for guidance with clarity and heart, I highly recommend Cece. With the many sessions I've had with her, she always helps me get to the basics or root of what I am dealing with. Whether it's a way I'm limiting myself or some issue I'm struggling to resolve with someone else, I count on CeCe to help me find my way to understanding what's at play and how to move through it. I may be focused on some aspect of a situation that seems important to me and she will say, "Look over here, see what's going on in this perspective." It's always helpful or even refreshing to hear. If you are ready and need some help or perspective, you will be glad you to have worked with Cece.  

Chris C.
Ashland, OR

I can't say enough about all the positive experiences I've had working with Cece as my intuitive life coach. I've worked with Cece for over 12 years in a variety of modalities from DNA activation to intuitive card readings. She's adept and knowledgeable in all of them. I have found her readings to be intuitive and accurate. I have relied on and trusted in her counseling, which has helped me plan life strategies and address challenges; especially regarding my career and relationships. As a result of this insight, I was to meet both the challenges in my career and relationships. Both my career and my relationships with family, friends and partners are thriving.  She has a gentle way of expressing both what's working and what's challenging in her readings. She accurately lays it out. The rest is up to you. I have never been disappointed. I will continue to work with Cece in the furture. She's kind, generous and a pleasure to work with.

Vasti P.
San Francisco, CA

 "CeCe is a gifted intuitive. She tuned in to where I was at and was able to pass on accurate information that was affirming. With the use of the cards, channeled messages, and angel energy I felt grounded and more clear to move forward."  

Christine Brusati
CMT and Reiki Master/Practitioner 

 "In the reading with CeCe I got messages and answers from the unseen world, that resonated with me, though I did not know their full meaning. After a few months I can clearly see how those messages have revealed their truth and understanding and I am able to bring more awareness into my life's situation. The reading helped me tremendously to stay connected with the light of consciousness and the support of loving cosmic beings in a time of struggle and darkness in my life. Thank you CeCe!"

J.L., Switzerland

CeCe is the real deal! She is loving, compassionate and empowering. I had a few questions ready and she answered those and more. Everything she told me helped me and has made me grow in myself, my career and in my relationship with my beloved. Her ability to go deep and deliver the wisdom clearly is amazing.

Cara M., Walnut Creek, Ca

Working with Cece is great! She is warm, supportive, knowledgeable and insightful but she can also be directive and firmly encourage you to go further (with love and compassion) than you think you can, step out of your comfort zone. 

Cece helped me take a step into the world of being a psychic reader. She supported me to take a booth at a fair and do readings there. I never would have done it without her encouragement and hand holding. 

CeCe offers a unique integration of psychic insight, through both her specific readings and card readings, combined with her strong, trained and natural, gifts as a powerfully effective coach. She helps people discover, refine and realize their life goals. She is committed to helping people unfold their lives and their work from their deep authenticity. 

Evie Belove, Fairfax, CA

My angel reading with CeCe was remarkable. 
I had been spinning my wheels about a few decisions for months and CeCe dove right in and shared some insight that gave me immediate clarity about what I wanted and helped me move forward with my decisions.  I felt inspired, uplifted, and so much lighter after our session.  She also was such a wonderful listener and she created this beautiful safe atmosphere that made me feel totally comfortable being open and vulnerable.  I highly recommend her and her work!

Tara Butler Floch
Business Mentor and Coach
Sebastapol, CA

In the time I have spent with her I felt that my life complexities have been regarded with the highest respect as she gently uncovers what needs to be heard. I immediately felt comfortable in her presence and discovered her gifts are so multifaceted I could go deeper and deeper with my interests and questions never feeling put off or left guessing. 

She handles herself with such a wisdom dressed in a joyful and well-intended purpose. I ‘m finding my way thanks to CeCe and I feel compelled to let people know of the light she gives and how transforming and remarkable the effect is of her healing guidance. I’m not one to waste my time on drawn out solutions so I was very happy when Ce Ce got straight to the point with such insight and accuracy. 

I highly recommend you visit her for a reading and feel free to ask what -ever you need to know. 

With Heartfelt Gratitude, 
Angela Marie, Sales
Dallas, TX

I had session with Cece Converse to clear out some old stuff, to wipe my fear slate clean, to unleash my juju and you know you never know if these things work. I've been feeling like a champagne bubble every since. Effervescent, alive, sweet, juicy and going down smooth. She's the real deal y'all.

M.D., Coach, Soul Mentor

"My reading with CeCe was helpful and enjoyable! The messages that came through from the Angels helped me put a lot of the questions I had about an out-of-state move into perspective. She connected quickly and I am so grateful to her and the Angels for providing such a warm and loving space. Thanks CeCe!"

Diana Dorell, 

 My healing sessions with CeCe have always assisted in raising my vibration significantly, allowing my body's own innate intelligence to heal.  Prior to having surgery or any major procedure I would recommend energy work with CeCe to help prepare yourself and to help your body heal.  Body, mind and spirit--it all gets tended to as CeCe is an earthy guide that helps to facilitate whatever process is at hand 

~ Maggie S., San Anselmo, CA.