Spiritual  Guidance & Counseling

My style of Guidance is positive and uplifting with Spirit. It is a combination of talk to explore what you are experiencing coupled with guidance, channeled through the Guides and Angels and Masters. As we work together, ancestors can show up for additional guidance. 

1-Hour Clarity Session   $330                                   

Sessions are conversational to get understanding about situations and move forward with your life.

Connecting with your Guides is empowering. You can expect compassionate, straight-forward guidance.
They are, after all, your best friends with only your highest interest at heart.

  • Receive guidance: Love, Money, Relationship, Work, Purpose, Relocation, Business, Idea Generation
  • Empower your dreams with clarity and resolve.


What to do next:

  • prepare a few question you would like to discuss
  • this is conversational - by that I mean that I receive information as we talk together.
  • Take notes
  • call to schedule!


1-Hour Clarity Session  $330

Packages are available on request

Coaching available