Cord Cutting

For Relationships that have ended…

  • Being able to finally let him or her go
  • Cuts any leftover energy draining from you to them…so more energy for you!!
  • Feel free and able to move on!
  • If you are meant to be together, it will allow that to happen more easily
  • Feeling more hopeful and stable
  • Feel free and ready to live!

Who can benefit?

  • Massage therapists, healers, doulas & energy workers
  • Counselors, psychologists, doctors & nurses
  • Hair stylists, piercers, tattoo artists
  • Bartenders, waiters/waitresses
  • Teachers, yoga and fitness instructors

Also especially relevant when dealing with:

  • A break up or divorce
  • Death of a loved one
  • A move, job change, or life transition
  • Healing or leaving an abusive or co-dependent relationship

“My session with CeCe was amazing! At first I was not sure what would happen. She worked with me to cut the energy cords and within fifteen minutes I was feeling better. I could not believe it. I had been in divorce proceedings for over a year (15 years married). I feel so much better and now I do not even feel angry or sad when I talk with my ex! WOW!” 
-J. Henry, Tiburon, Ca.

Your practitioner is CeCe Converse. She has been a certified Relationship Freedom practitioner for over 20 years and has performed over 500 sessions. She is also a Certified Coactive Coach, Reiki Master and Energy Medicine practitioner of over 15 years.

Your first Relationship Freedom Cord Cutting Session is at a special through April 30, 2014, so you can experience the freedom and space it gives you.

If you do not feel better after our first session, your money will be refunded, no questions asked.

Relationship Cord Cutting Session (Phone/Skype only) – $155.00  - approx 60 min (Regular Price $198)

Call CeCe today at 415-885-9700  to schedule your Relationship Freedom Session. We have private appointments available between 8am and 9pm, Monday through Saturday..


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