How does coaching work?

Some of the skills I use include observing, listening deeply, asking empowering questions, challenging and motivating you and intuition. Additionally I have a vast toolbox of exercises, inquiries and activities which will assist in all aspects of the process.
There will be homework, or homeplay as some like to call it, which assists in holding the focus from call to call and taking action.
I hold that you are creative, resourceful and whole, which means you have the intrinsic ability to determine and achieve your goals.
Because I am a Certified Coach and not a counselor or psychologist, we will not be analyzing the past. Instead we will look at how things are for you in the present and what/how you want to achieve moving forward.

Please know that I honor all work with licensed counseling or psychological professionals and have experience working in conjunction with therapy plans. So please do not let that stop you in making steps forward with your dreams.

How Does Clarity Coaching Work?

Based on our schedules, we will schedule regular weekly meetings via phone or Zoom. If you are local we will schedule in a few face to face meetings. These sessions will be 30-45 minutes in duration. These regularly scheduled calls prompts you to get more done than you might on your owns. Think about it, if you work out with a personal trainer at the gym, you work much harder and more regularly with the structure and connection with me than if left to your own devices. You will gain more clarity, take customized actions, set bigger goals and think bigger when you work with a professional coach.

Because each habit takes 21 days or more to create and goals are results of creating new habits, skills and attitudes, we ask that you commit to a minimum of three months of Coaching initially. Packages are available in increments of three, six or twelve months. Most clients opt for six or twelve months for optimum results. Monthly payments are available for all packages.

Most people find that things start to happen very quickly after hiring a Life Coach. New habits and goal accomplishment takes time. By working weekly, at your pace taking on new habits and actions to accomplish your goals you can be making more money, having more time for your self and family and feeling more at ease. Coaching is about you committing to your life/dream/career/goal on your terms.

Initial Discovery Session

A separate initial Discovery session is our starting point. This is a three-hour session designed to learn about you, your goals and desires, challenges and pitfalls and how you like to work. We will design your relationship with a foundation of trust and safe space as well as how we each like to communicate and how best to work with each other.

CeCe is a Certified Professional CoActive Coach, trained, certified and accredited by The Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, California. Additionally she has completed their Leadership Program as well as the Relationship Systems Coaching Program. She has been assisting clients in the accomplishment of chosen goals, whether it be business, technology or life goals, for over 20 years.

She commits to bring you all of her tools, skills, abilities and expertise in Coaching, Technology and small business management along with many years in corporate leadership training, her foundation of life wisdom, compassion and intuition.

Your results are directly related to your commitment, utilization of what works for you and follow through to meet the goals you set for you.

Some of the specifics many clients ask to work on are, for example:

Learn how to discover what it is you WANT, and then achieve it
Find your life’s purpose and your divine gift to the Universe
START or FINISH the _____________ that I always wanted to do but never found the time/motivation/inspiration
Taking the leap into a new career path…or make the one you are on better
Learning to own and use your intuitive gifts and abilities confidently
Creating boundaries in your personal and/or professional life
Finding your voice
Overcoming fears: fear of speaking your truth, standing up for yourself, asking for what you want/deserve, etc.
Releasing negativity and self criticism…
Changing family dynamics
Develop habits you WANT…to live a healthier life and have more energy
How to say no and mean it without guilt
Let go of belief systems that do not serve you and make room for JOY
Feel good in your body, home and work, etc
And more.. What is yours, specifically?


I am grateful for every experience I have had in my life, and they span a full spectrum.

Today, through the grace of my extensive training and experiences, I help create joyful fulfilled lives for men and women.

As you begin to find yourself again, you create the foundation for a joyful and fulfilled life with plenty of time, space and money to give back to your family and community by your design.

To see if a coach is right for you, call today to chat about what you are wanting, where you want to go and how coaching can help YOU.  You never know till you talk with me. I am not here to sell you coaching (that was my job when I worked for a coaching company), I am available to just talk with you, listen to what your desires are and let you know what is available to you in a coaching relationship. I look forward to meeting with you.

Coach CeCe can be reached by calling 415-885-9700.
We can talk on the phone or meet live if we are local or on Zoom (don't worry about technology... I will send you a link to the video conference and show you how to use it.)

My purpose is to assist you:

to be/become the best person you can be
to fulfill your heart’s desire
to learn from your life experience
gain wisdom from your life experience
to be honest with yourself
to live within your own integrity
to break the rules which no longer serve you
to integrate all of this, and more, into your life with ease

Call Me

Ready to find out more? Call me for your personal consultation (15-30 min).

Call Me

Ready to find out more? Call me for your personal consultation (15-30 min).