Intuitive & Psychic Guidance

Guidance sessions are co-creative hours where we come together with our guides to clear the way for you to create your best self, get clear about situations and move forward with your life. They are positive, empowering sessions with the guides often being jovial and sometimes silly. You can expect compassionate, straight-forward, empowering and supportive conversation and guidance. They are, after all, your best friends with only your highest interest at heart.

  • Receive guidance around the questions you ask and more.
  • Identify, understand and clear obstacles which may have blocked your way.
  • Empower your dreams with clarity and resolve.
  • Receive empowerment and support to move into action with confidence.

Let's talk!  Call me to set your appointment.  415-885-9700

What to do next:

  • prepare a few question you would like to discuss
  • sessions are conversational - by that I mean that I receive information as we talk together. So you can say/share anything and I will share all which comes through.
  • take notes - you will retain the information 
  • call to schedule!

Call now!  Because I am one who can see your greatest potential.

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You will only win... you will leave with important insights and tools to assist you!