Credentials and Accomplishments

Certified as Reiki Master Teacher (3 times over)
Certified Intuitive Energy Medicine
Certified Integrated Energy Therapy
Certified Guide, Teacher, Oracle/Psychic and Healer in an Esoteric Mystery School

Certified from Jose Silva as Psychic, Medical Intuitive (1979-1980)

I provided metaphysical and spiritual training classes taught by myself and other instructors for over 20 years.

Animal Whisperer – Yes, I communicate with animals in another dimension, so it seems. Most animals naturally trust and listen to me organically. A few shy away because they know I see right through them. Only once have I had an animal act up around me and that was a horse I subsequently owned. He “hopped”! When he would get excited he would hop up and down. We learned from each other how to ride comfortably with his quirky strides. He was a beautiful Morgan horse.

Veterinary Technician, Veterinary Receptionist, Veterinary Office Manager, Veterinary Practice Coordinator (Manager) – small animal, mixed animal and equine practices over 18 years. During this time I also owned, rode and trained horses. Yes I went out on roundup to vet cattle. I accompanied wildlife survey teams while sampling and obtaining data from remote locations in Arizona and New Mexico. I cared for a room full of lizards, snakes and spiders (tarantulas) while friends were out of town for several weeks.

Studied Agronomy, Pre-Vetetinary and Agricultural Business at University Of Arizona

Studied Equine Management and Nutrition at Glendale Community College

Certified Dog Trainer (Tucson Arizona)

Real Estate Agent and Broker

Certified Network Manager-Microsoft and Novel

Certified Microcomputer Specialist

Trained Web Designer and Developer

Certified PacBell/ATT Senior Technical Instructor (software and hardware), where I built computers, installed and trained end users in proprietary and commercial software and presented instruction to audiences from 15-300 regularly

IT Project Manager/Program Manager in Silicon Valley for 10 years

I created and founded a social network on over 500 members providing dating social events in the 90s which remained active for over 20 years.