Emotional Cord Cutting

Clear yourself of energy drains...

Emotional and Etheric Cord Cutting

Emotional cords are energetic threads which are connected to each of us.  They develop when young to your family members. Then to your spouse, children, friends, business partners, coworkers, bosses, and friends with positive supportive relationships are corded to each other. You may also create cords to situations or places which you are particularly drawn to. These are appropriate and healthy cords.

The deepest cords occur when we connect with others at deep emotional or intimate levels which function to keep you connected together.

Sometimes cords can limit us within the belief system of others. Bad and painful relationships create negative cords which can drain us of our precious energy, sometimes for years.

Let It Go?

How many times have we heard the statement “just let it go” or “just move on”? It doesn't quite work that way many ties, does it? Sometimes you need to ask for help.

Emotional or Etheric Cord Cuttings become important when you just can’t move on.  Feeling tired, exhausted, drained, or cannot stop thinking of the other person(s) or situation, your own obsession or someone obsessed with you, a cord cutting may be what you need. Unknowingly you can leak or drain energy to the people you were with, especially when we are still thinking of them.

The best time to have a Cord Cutting is

 When you are ready to start fresh in life

 Creating a New Project in your Business

 Moving to a new home

 Leaving a job or taking a new job

 Divorce or Break-up

Shock or trauma to the body

 An Accident

 Fight or disagreement



 A death of someone you know.  Etc.



Clears energy of

  • emotional blockages
  • trauma experiences  
  • childhood experiences
  • negative feelings – for healthier relationship



  • Freedom to move forward
  • Clarity
  • Positive decisions
  • Healthier relationships with yourself and others
  • New insights
  • A clean start


And most of all:  Emotional and Etheric Cord Cuttings create freedom to be more authentic in your expression.


How do cord cuttings work?

Cords connect at the chakras. As cords accumulate, a decreased rotation occurs, clogging up the chakra. Cutting cords stops your energy from leaking or flowing from you to the other person; freeing your energy and getting your power back.

Cutting Cords Yourself

Doing a cord cutting meditation regularly on yourself is a simple way of working with your energy field to clear and clean cords.
If you would like a personal cord cutting meditation, Click Here.

Cord Cutting Session

However, some cords (deeper emotional or traumatic events) are more difficult to sever. 

For your personal session, call me for an appointment. 415-885-9700


CeCe Converse is a Healing Facilitator, Teacher, Coach and Psychic/Intuitive/Medium.