Angel Alchemy: Manifest with Guidance From The Angels

Are you aware of the Angelic realms available to you?

Each of us is can connect and communicate with Angels. All the resources are here now to assist you to manifest your desires.

This is a six-week class in which you will learn:

  • How to create Sacred Protected Space
  • Develop and deepen your Intuition
  • Who the Angels are and what they do
  • Feel comfort that the Angels are with you always
  • How to connect with each Angel creating your own relationship
  • Confidence the Angels are with you when you ask
  • How to have clear communication
  • Receive personal guidance: Love, Money, Relationship, Work, Purpose, Relocation, Business, Idea Generation
  • Empower your dreams with clarity and resolve
  • Gain Confidence in communicating with Angels
  • Practice exercises with each Angel for Clarity
  • Receive Wisdom and Guidance from your connection with Angels

It is the natural law of the universe to expand and grow in grace. Angels help execute your soul’s desire this way. You are a magnificent being and it is your birthright to be able to manifest. Many factions would like us to think we can not. This is untrue! We CAN and DO COMMUNICATE daily!

Register below....     or Call me: 415-885-9700.

$299 Early Bird registration until February 22nd.       $349 after that. (value $497)

We will learn about each Angel, what they are here to do, how to connect and receive answers to questions. They are, after all, your best friends concerned with only your highest interest. What to do next:

  • Register.
  • Receive confirmation.
  • From that time, allow yourself 15 minutes a day to begin connection. Then....
  • Show up!

Let's talk!   Call me: 415-885-9700.

It's your win... you will leave with important insights and tools to assist you!


Call me at 415-885-9700 if you have questions or need assistance with registering.

Register Below! $299 Early Bird registration until February 22nd.       $349 after that. (value $497)