An Intuitive

Naturally Intuitively Empowering Human Potential
From Chaos to Clarity & Confidence

CeCe Converse 
                Is An Intuitive


From Chaos to Clarity to Confidence

Empowering Human Potential

You are your greatest resource.

Your voice, your DREAM, your passion creates your purpose. 
Achieve your goals, you are not alone.

Hi There Beautiful Soul!

Are you looking to bring your gifts, ideas and genius to fruition?
Do you wish to make your unique contribution and create your legacy?
You are an influencer.
You have a voice!

You live and lead in your unique way.
You can make a better place for you, your family and your clients.

Make your commitment in creating the world you desire.

From a very young age I knew I was intuitive. My family and friends would always ask me what was going on and I was always right-on. This skill guided me through my life decisions, education and career.

For the last 30+ years I have given my clients these gifts.

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Readings - available daily. Click here for options and scheduling...

Coaching - Soul-Aligned Coaching for the unique expression of you. 
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Healing - Compassionate healing of past experiences and old story creating freedom, light, joy and happiness. To find out more click here...

Classes - Learn about the Angels who directly assist us. Learn then to talk with the Angels for guidance or deepen your practice of communication and intuition. For an even deeper understanding, Gifts Of Spirit Journey heightens your intuition, discovers the gifts given to you by Spirit.
Tree Of Life Year-Long Immersive of practical metaphysical and personal growth teachings are compiled to assist with you with creating your best life fully aligned with your inner gifts, guidance and desires. Find out more by clicking here...


Clarity Session for Relationship, Money, Work, Self Life. 


Intuitive (Life and/or Business) Coaching creates clarity of purpose, message, desires. Then plans made and steps can be taken to create, manifest and sustain your dream.


Stuck thinking about an ex? an old boss? or bad situation?
A cord cutting supports you releasing the hold it has had on you up until now. Freedom is here!


Talk With The Angels!
Angels Of The Tree Of Life
Gifts Of Spirit Journey
Universal Tree Of Life Year-Long Immersive